3 Beauty Secrets From 3 Real Women

3 Beauty Secrets From 3 Real Women

As a modern beauty company inspired by two beautiful cultures, our team consists of skincare obsessed women of diverse backgrounds. Through Adeena, we come together and work towards one passion: shining light on holistic beauty rituals that actually work.

Here are 3 beauty secrets endorsed by real women with actual skin struggles and proven solutions. From simple DIY facial masks to food tips, this group of women reveal some simple beauty building blocks that you can get into now.

H.R – (Content Management)

Tip: Exfoliate gently & avoid dairy (for those with a sensitive gut)

Woman exfoliating with a scrub

Her story:

“At the age of 20 I found out that my diet was impacting me in more ways than just weight and energy. Any food with dairy reflected on my skin instantly. I’m talking little bumps on my face the morning after a netflix binge with chocolate. Since my body didn’t approve of milk, I began looking for ways to consume it’s benefits for health and skin. While researching I discovered that milk contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) commonly used by skincare brands in exfoliators. The AHA and vitamins found in milk is why many spas apply this for facials together with saffron and other luxurious ingredients.

With this in mind, I began exploring AHA and exfoliators in general. My skin has loved it! I recommend gentle exfoliators and lighter scrubs to avoid any irritation, especially if you have extra sensitive skin. Also make sure you apply SPF 50 everyday but especially after exfoliating and stick to clean ingredients”

Product Recommendation:

Adeena’s Gentle Exfoliator (Shop here)

M.C – Founder

Tip: Apply Turmeric-Infused Skincare

Monica with Self Love and Self Care – Turmeric based skincare by Adeena

Her story:

“Being born in Indonesia to Indian parents, I was surrounded by Ayurvedic practices and traditional concoctions that supported better immunity and health. This includes turmeric-based Jamu (more here) and DIY masks that we used to maintain our skin’s health. Fast forward to adult life when my skin began to act out after months of neglect, I went back to my roots to reintroduce the magical masks that kept my skin supple for so many years. Once I started, I never looked back. I became synonymous with these glow boosters within the little community I had formed abroad.

The secret ingredient? Turmeric. Curcumin found in this golden spice tackles inflammation, dullness, lightens dark spots and provides an instant luster to the skin. Perfect for days where you need an extra boost of confidence. 

This simple holistic solution inspired Self-Care, our 2 in 1 exfoliator and mask and Self-Love, our AM-PM moisturizer. Use them together for maximum results.

Product Recommendation: 

Adeena’s Turmeric Ritual (Shop here)

N.A – Admin

Tip: Follow a minimal skincare routine with clean ingredients

Woman applying facial product under the sun

Her story:

“Pre-pandemic, my daily travel routine from the suburbs to the city center caused a lot of stress to my skin. I’d be exposed to harsh sunlight, pollution and dirt upto 2 hours a day. This led to a horrible case of acne and oiliness. Upon visiting a dermatologist, i was recommended a 3 simple step routine: moisturizer, serum and for mornings, SPF. Although his special formulations did tackle my issues, I took it upon myself to crack the code and discovered that the secret lied in the amount of products i used and the ingredients. Simplifying my routine to 2 products each time allowed my skin to breathe, unclog and refresh. I also noticed the impact simpler, cleaner ingredients brought. Today, i am no longer the maximalist with a 7 step k-beauty routine. I vouch for minimalism in skincare and most aspects of life. 

Product Recommendation:

– Adeena’s gel moisturizer (Shop here)

– Clean skincare products – make sure they’re certified! 

– 3 step routine: moisturizer, serum (for specific skincare issues) and a light-weight SPF 50

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