Turmeric Face Mask to Lighten Skin

Turmeric Face Mask to Lighten Skin – Whitening skin with turmeric is not a myth. Even this one natural ingredient can make facial skin look radiant and shine brightly. Not a few women try to use natural ingredients as beauty treatments.

Turmeric Face Mask to Lighten Skin

Healthy white skin is the desire of every woman. Healthy white skin is also able to increase self-confidence.

Because of that desire, there are so many ways to get white skin. One of them is using natural ingredients. Ana can use how to whiten skin with turmeric.

Easy Ways to Turmeric Face Mask to Lighten Skin

One of the natural ingredients commonly used for beauty treatments is turmeric. This yellow spice is able to make the skin look whiter.

Even not only that, but the antioxidant content in turmeric also has properties for beauty. Starting from protecting the skin from UV rays to preventing premature aging.

In addition to getting healthy white skin, turmeric is also able to make you look younger. There are several ways you can do this with one natural ingredient.

In just one week, you will get healthy white skin. You can combine turmeric with other ingredients, namely:


Whitening skin with turmeric can be combined with honey. The way is easy, that is, mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder with 1/2 dm of honey. Make it like a paste and apply it to the face.

Leave it for about 10 minutes until the mask dries. After that, you can rinse with water until clean. By doing this, you can get healthy white skin.

Rose Water

There is another way that you can use turmeric, namely rose water. You can mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder with 2 tablespoons of rose water. Apply evenly to the face with a brush. Make the body relax while waiting for the mask for a while. After that, wash your face with water until completely clean.


There are many ways to whiten skin with turmeric using milk. Milk also has benefits for whitening the face. The lactose content in it is able to disguise black spots.

You can combine turmeric with milk to get healthy white skin naturally. With these natural ingredients, the side effects are quite small.


It turns out that cucumber can also be one of the ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. You can even mix cucumber with turmeric and use it as a mask.

Cucumber also contains vitamin E to make facial skin softer. There is an easy way you can do it, namely blender and add turmeric as a mask. Let stand for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

How to whiten skin with turmeric you can combine with other ingredients. With these natural ingredients, you can get white and healthy skin.

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Turmeric Face Mask to Lighten Skin

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